Repair, upgrades, file recovery
Is your computer trying your patience?
   - Test hardware, disk wipe harddrive.
   - Dust / clean inside computer. 
   ​- Install and configure original operating    
​        system.
   - Install service packs to date.
   - Update Windows and needed drivers.
   - Recover files from harddrive.
   - Replace recovered files.
   - Basic maintenance
   - Install personal software, Antivirus.
PC Troubleshooting and Repair

-Remove trial software (antivirus, office, etc.).
-Remove other unwanted programs.
-Install free antivirus and other programs for     maintenance.
-Disable startup programs to enhance startup and computer efficiency.
-Install missing programs if needed (power point viewer, spell checker, media players, alternate web browsers, etc.).
-Update windows, antivirus, other programs, etc.
-Check file extensions.
-Create restore disk's if possible.

Popups and promps to purchase or activate
trial software and other annoying popups should be gone after this cleanup is performed.