(Use "Google Search" for assistance.)

---- Learn:
-What a file is (Photos, word documents, notepads, PDF documents, etc. are all files).
-What a folder is.
-What a program is (Programs start as exe. files before you install them).
---- Learn:
-What a window is.
-What a dialog box is.
-What a shortcut is.
-How to use the right click menu.
-How to cut, copy, paste, drag and            drop, files and folders.
-How to rename a file or folder.
-How to create a shortcut and place it    where it will do you most good.
-What a drive is.
-How to move files and folders to and    from USB flash drives, CD's and other      drives.
Drives are found in "My Computer" or
  in "This PC"
---- Learn:
-How to minimize, maximize, and restore
  a window.
-What "My Computer" or "This PC" is and what is in it.
  (Hint - everything is in "My Computer").  
-What drive  "C"  is and what is in it.
Do you know what the internet is? GOOD!
---- Learn:
-What downloading and uploading are.
-How to download from the internet.
Do you know what the taskbar and system tray are? - well go ahead and learn that to.
           ​    GOOD TO KNOW
- When windows are smaller than your
computer screen you can drag them around by grabbing the top edge of the window with your mouse pointer.
---- Learn:
-The difference between "web mail" (on the internet) and an email program that is
installed on your computer.
- How to change the appearance of a
file or folder.
- Don't be afraid to install programs - you
   need them.
- If you try to fix things that are not broken
   things could just get worse.
- You can organize everything in your
computer just like you can with a real desk and filing cabinet. It is much easier to do in the computer when you learn this   stuff.
​-Your computer needs maintenance
occasionally to run well.

 -Your desktop (the screen you see after the computer is started ) is a place to do your work (that is why it is called  "YOUR DESKTOP").
- Don't tell your PC repairman your    computer is running slow, when in fact    your internet is running slow and your  computer is running fine -he will go crazy!
- You can't blame everything that goes  wrong on viruses. Leave that to your PC    repairman.

BACKUP your stuff! You can lose everything if your hard drive fails or you have a software tragedy (and it most likely will happen some day.  Just a matter of when). 
Hopefully if this happens you will be able to recover lost files if you didn't back it up.

                    ​GOOD LUCK

Free programs I recommend:
    - Ccleaner
    - Avast Free antivirus
    - VLC media player
    - Irfanview (photo viewer / editor)
    - Format Factory (for media)
Links I Like:
- Q : What is a file?
   A :  Something you use to sharpen your chainsaw........​  
              ​  WRONG ANSWER!!!!!
- Q : What is a CHEESEHEAD and is it computer related?
  A : a CHEESEHEAD is an alien migrant thought to have originated in the musty cellars of central Wisconsin taverns​.  Rumor is they used various condiments and sometimes cheddar cheese as mousse replacement to enhance their hair style to blend in better with the human population.  Little did they know with sun exposure, a diet of greasy foods and beer the​ expanding cheese and belly would make them stand out in a very non appealing manner.  They began hiding in the crowds at Lambeau Field pretending to be Green Bay Packer fans but this just made the good upstanding fans look bad also.
   ​So NO!  CHEESEHEADS are not computer related in any way and to this day it is not known what they could possibly be related too......although there is talk that many Ironworkers had befriended the CHEESEHEADS to make themselves look like caring / compassionate folks.  So could they be related to Ironworkers???  Ironworkers are not caring or compassionate so befriending the CHEESEHEADS may be an indication that Ironworkers are also "alien migrants" from who knows where?
​                 TRUST NO BRIDGE BUILT OF IRON!!!​
(This Q+A dedicated to my brother-in-law, who lives in the Green Bay area and is a retired iron worker).